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ITACA Digit Span Test

The computerised version of the classic neurocognitive test for the assessment of working memory.

In psychology and neuroscience, memory span is the longest list of items that a person can repeat back in correct order immediately after presentation. The task is known as digit span when numbers are used. Memory span is a common measure of working memory and short-term memory. Participants see a sequence of numerical digits and are tasked to recall the sequence correctly, with increasingly longer sequences being tested in each trial. The participant's span is the longest number of sequential digits that can accurately be remembered. Digit-span tasks can be given forwards or backwards, meaning that once the sequence is presented, the participant is asked to either recall the sequence in normal or reverse order. Digit-span tasks are the most commonly used test for memory span, partially because performance on a digit-span task cannot be affected by factors such as semantics, frequency of appearance in daily life, complexity, etc. This application allows simultaneous recording of the user's EEG signal.

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