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c-VEP Speller

A circular-shifting code-modulated visual evoked potential (c-VEP) speller

This app provides a BCI speller based on code-modulated visual evoked potential (c-VEP) under the circular-shifting paradigm. The use of c-VEP as control signals is a recent but promising alternative to achieve reliable, high-speed BCIs for communication and control. Here, the commands are encoded using shifted versions of a pseudorandom sequence with perfect autocorrelation properties (i.e., a maximal length sequence, or m-sequence). The "reference method" for circular-shifting c-VEP paradigm is implemented to decode the command the user is looking at in real time. In the end, this paradigm generally allows obtaining accuracies greater than 90% with a very short calibration of only 30 secs. More information on paradigm and signal processing can be found in: Martínez-Cagigal, Víctor, et al. "Brain–computer interfaces based on code-modulated visual evoked potentials (c-VEP): a literature review." Journal of Neural Engineering (2021).

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